How to Prepare for Math Contests

If you have not considered math contests for your child, then you should because they have a myriad of benefits. Encouraging your child to participate in math contests when they are in elementary and middle school prepares them for standardized high school tests. Math contests can also increase the chances of your child getting admission to their dream college. This is because all colleges today ask about extracurricular activities, and math contests are among the highest-rated by college admissions boards. Participation in math contests can also be beneficial beyond college. You can use your math contest participation to build on your resume. Math contests help students gain both critical thinking and analytical skills, both of which are highly valued by employers today. There are limitless benefits of math competitions, more so if you win. Here, we will be looking at spirit of math international contest tips that will increase your child’s chances of winning math contests.

Firstly, any math contest participant needs to practice, because it is only with practice that they stand a chance of winning. You should practice using past years’ contest papers so you can familiarize yourself with the style of setting used. It is important to note that the goal is not to understand all the set questions but to familiarize oneself with the style of setting. Therefore, you do not have to do all the questions in past years’ papers. Some setters seek to challenge students by setting questions from a higher level, which is why one is advised to also practice using papers that are at least a step up from their level. For more facts about education, visit this website at

Secondly, you can get coaching. You should not get coaching from just anybody, it needs to come from somebody who has participated in math contests before. This is because those with experience better understand the pressure of participating in math contests, and can give you valuable advice on how to answer questions to build on your marks. A coach can only guide you, meaning that you have to put in a lot of work too if you want to win.

Finally, you can form a study group in preparation for upcoming international math contest. This is important because you get help solving challenging questions. You also learn how to solve problems in various ways because different people have different ways of tackling problems. You need to look for like-minded individuals when forming a study group because discussions run smoother when people have the same objectives in mind.

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